Thursday, September 01, 2005

Typhoon holiday

We just got our power back after a morning without electricity. It's still raining prety hard outside and the wind is blowing the rain in all directions. We still have water, but I filled up the bathtub anyway last night.

According to one report I heard, Talim evidently split in two when it hit the central mountain range. This weakened it--the rain hasn't been as heavy as predicted, but it is still pretty heavy.

I don't have any pictures yet, but Michael Turton has some pics of his neighborhood that he took when he "went out for newspapers this morning in a driving rain and strong winds" this morning. (Guess he's going for the nutty foreigner award. On the other hand, I heard the garbage truck driving around our neighborhood this morning and we saw a someone on a motorcycle almost get blown over outside our window. So I guess he's in good company!)

After hearing reports that there may be "thousands dead" in New Orleans, it's hard to get too uptight about what's happening here.


Michael Turton said...

Hey, I'm not that crazy. I went into town during a lull. Wind wasn't too bad, but the van did want to lunge and bounce. It actually wasn't raining very hard...but anything for my pics!


Jonathan Benda said...

We finally braved the weather this evening--well, it actually calmed down a lot by then--and went to Tesco. It was pretty crowded there... but anything for my Dr. Pepper!