Thursday, January 28, 2016

New publication (sort of...)

It's just a preface, and it's basically the same text that I posted here, but I recommend the book because it has a lot of great material in it about the George H. Kerr collection at the Taipei 228 museum.

代序:葛超智資料介紹 [Preface: Introduction to George H. Kerr materials], 一個自1947年寄來的包裹:臺北二二八紀念館 典藏文物特展專輯 [A package from from 1947: Taipei 228 Memorial Museum Special Exhibition Collection]。編者:蘇瑤崇,杜正宇。臺北市政府文化局;臺北二二八紀念館, 2015。

There's no picture of the cover on the website, but this is what the cover looks like.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Well, hello there...

It has been a while since I last checked in here. Last semester was a busy time, balancing work and parenting. Once again, I'm going to try to resurrect this blog. (Huh. Only three posts in which I proclaimed that I was resurrecting the blog. I thought there'd be more.)

What will I write about? I don't know. I'll have to see what I'm moved to write about. Send me some ideas in the comments, if you wish.

It's interesting, by the way, that 3 of the 4 posts I've written about resurrecting the blog (including this one) were written in January...