Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two experiments

We're experimenting with keeping the air con off these days. We've got the windows open and some fans on, and there's sometimes a nice breeze that comes in through the balcony window. The view from that window looks like this:

OK, I'm a liar. That picture was from the Chiang Kai-shek Camping Area in Dakeng. Our balcony view actually looks more like this:

Except now we have some creepy vines on the balcony that I pulled off the walls because they were tearing the tiles off the wall of the balcony.

Anyway, that's our first experiment--no air con. It's OK, but it's a litle humid in here.

Second experiment: I was reading Academic Coach today--she has some suggestions regarding writing daily and keeping records of how long you write a day. So I'm going to try that out. Every week I'll report on how much time I spent on my diss. that week. (This will make for exciting reading, I'm sure...)


Michael Turton said...

Hey, we do the no-aircon thing too, and like it very much. Been doin' it for years. Saves a ton of $$.


Jonathan Benda said...

Well, it's been good weather recently for trying this. Cool and breezy.

By the way, I'm thinking I'll report on my times on my other blog, Kun zhi ji, instead of on this blog. Like anyone will notice...