Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Five new books in the former native speaker's library

I don't have time to post anything of substance now (had a busy June and will be teaching two courses from July-August), so here's a list of some books I've bought this month (but won't have time to read for the aforementioned reasons):

I bought some books from the University of Hawai'i Press sale. They're not really new, but they're new to me!

  • Remaking Area Studies: Teaching and Learning Across Asia and the Pacific, ed. Terence Wesley-Smith and Jon Goss. 2010. (It cost $5!)
  • The Diplomacy of Nationalism: The Six Companies and China's Policy toward Exclusion, by Yucheng Qin. 2009. (It cost $3!)
  • Plantation Workers: Resistance and Accommodation, ed. Brij V. Lal, Doug Munro, and Edward D. Beechert. 1993. (It cost $1!)
I also saw an article about the new Penguin edition of John Okada's No-No Boy, which is evidently taking advantage of the book's "uncertain copyright status" and might be cutting Okada's heirs out of royalties. The summary of the novel itself also interested me, so I bought a copy of the University of Washington edition (evidently the Okadas still receive royalties from the UW edition).
  • No-No Boy, by John Okada. Foreword by Ruth Ozeki. ©️ 1976 Dorothy Okada. U of Washington Press.
Finally, I bought a book that somehow I missed out on hearing about, but I found (through Google Books) cites some memoranda written by George Kerr:
  • Washington's Taiwan Dilemma, 1949-1950: From Abandonment to Salvation, by David M. Finkelstein. 1993. George Mason UP.