Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hajimu Masuda on Andrew Grajdanzev

In a comment, "yh" pointed me to a book review of Hajimu Masuda's Cold War Crucible, which contains a paragraph about Andrew Grajdanzev. Here's the passage:

For folks who can't see the Google book (users of Google Chrome?):
The case of Andrew Grajdanzev was even worse. Born in Siberia, and having spent almost his entire life in Harbin and Tianjin, China, before immigrating to the United States in the 1930s, Grajdanzev was Willoughby's number one target and had been placed under strict surveillance in 1946. He was tailed, his room was secretly searched, and his letters were read, though there was no substantial evidence that he had done anything wrong. A three-week counterintelligence investigation found that he tended to eat by himself, stay at home, and visit the same places frequently. This last behavior did attract an investigator's interest, but it turned out that he was regularly learning Japanese and teaching English. Nevertheless, when he returned to the United States, he could not find a job in government at all, due to rumors and attacks, despite his work experience in the SCAP, a Ph.D. in economics, and fluency in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and English. Eventually he studied library science, starting over completely, and got a job at a small local library. (p. 30)
Willoughby, as I mentioned in an earlier post, was a witness during the IPR hearings. But he wouldn't say anything about Grajdanzev because a Presidential Directive and Army orders didn't allow him to (see page 387).

Friday, August 23, 2019

New year's resolutions for the 2019-2020 academic year

Although in some ways this is a bit of a masochistic exercise, I'm going to write up a short list of resolutions for the academic year as I did last year and some years before. Two of my main motivations for doing this are that 1) I haven't posted anything in August yet, and 2) I should be working on revising a book chapter that's due Sept. 3 and/or writing a new syllabus for the first-year writing class I'll be teaching in a couple of weeks. And nothing beats procrastination as a motivation for making new year's resolutions, right? No? Hmmm....

Well, anyway, last year I had deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (RIP) accounts, so I was able to get more work done (somewhat). Unfortunately, I have drifted back onto Twitter, which I'll probably have to disconnect from sooner or later because it's so depressing. If I can keep away from Twitter, I'd like to do more reading and writing (in addition to the required reading and writing I do for my classes). I'd like to try to do some of that reading and writing in Chinese, too.

I could also try to spare some more time for family activities. Last fall was nice for that (at least for a while) because we had "family time" on Fridays, but this fall we'll all be in school on Fridays, so we might have to join the crowds on Saturday.

Hmmm... this is beginning to sound more like a wish list than a list of resolutions. Maybe I'll come back and fill in the blanks later... [Update, 8/27/19: I took action on my "wish list" yesterday by deleting my Twitter account. So I'll either get more things done or I'll spend inordinate amounts of time skimming my LinkedIn feed...]