Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three new Taiwan-related books in the former native speaker's library

Been out-of-my-mind busy recently, but I bought these (or they've arrived) within this past week.
The first book is about the famous journal Free China Fortnightly that was started by Lei Chen and Hu Shih and shut down around the time Lei Chen was arrested in 1960. The book looks pretty tough, though--lots of political philosophy (and in Chinese, yet!). The author, He Zhuo'en, is actually from Hubei and teaches at Huazhong Normal University. We'll have to see how that fact colors his perspective (or my perspective on his book).

The third book was published in 1986 by FAPA and the Formosan Association for Human Rights.

Now if I can ever get any time to read any of them...

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