Thursday, July 17, 2008

The spammers are getting more creative

Here are the subject lines of three four lots of e-mails I just received:
  • "Stray javelin kills promising US sprinter"

  • "Russia launches nuclear plant"

  • "Charred bodies found on White House lawn"

  • "Freak accident causes Tom cruise to be paralysed"

  • "Two-headed baby born in Texas"

  • "Michael Vick escapes from Federal jail" (this one might need a footnote)

  • "Madonnas Former Home Destroyed By Jesus"

More as I get them... maybe it could be a found poem.


susansinclair said...

I must admit, far classier than the ones I get promising me great powers to please my woman. Like I need them...ha!

Jonathan Benda said...

Oh, I get those, too. But they usually get caught by my spam-catchers. These 3 managed to get by...

Ché Webber said...

I got these and one more that had a virus attached:

US Troops held hostage in Afghan - Inside the body was the following:

Couple caught making love in the plane, sentenced to jail for life.

It takes you to a site that has the Trojan.Pandex virus