Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Two more books that the former native speaker ordered, and one that he didn't...

Today I received my last shipment of books from the University of California Press sale that I mentioned earlier. One of the books that I ordered didn't arrive, though, and was replaced with a book on a completely unrelated subject. I wrote to UCP to find out what happened, as no explanation was given on the invoice.

Here are the two books I ordered:

And the book I didn't order:

[Update, 5/20/06: The representative I e-mailed apologized for the error and sent out the book I had actually ordered. She asked me to tear off the cover of The Bodhidharma Anthology and send it back so that they can count it for inventory purposes. So I cut off the cover (if you're reading, Mr. Broughton, my apologies!) with one of those razor-knives that all Taiwanese elementary students seem to carry around, and I'll send it back on Monday.]


menghsindy said...

Mmmm... Radio Goes to War sounds right up my alley... *running off to add that one to my wishlist*

Jonathan Benda said...

It looks pretty interesting, but right now I'm working on Importing Diversity, which is a fascinating read!