Sunday, May 28, 2006

CFP: Tamkang Review issue on "The Neighbor: Literature, Politics and Ethics in the Age of Globalization"

English Department, Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan 251
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The Neighbor:
Literature, Politics and Ethics in the Age of Globalization

Deadline for Submissions: 20 September 2006

The neighbor, as a central figure in Kierkegaard’s Works of Love, Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents, and Lacan’s Ethics of Psychoanalysis, is a nebulous, enigmatic category that calls for rethinking in terms of subjectivity, desire, fantasy, communication, and community. The neighbor in its various manifestations―immigrants, ideal egos, ethnic Other, enjoyment, for example―provokes ambivalent responses of love and hate, fascination and fear, and problematizes the demarcations of the private and public, proximity and distance, inside and outside, hospitability and aggressivity, law and transgression. In our age of globalization, driven by fluidity, becoming, and deterritorialization, the neighbor turns out to be an unavoidable issue in the fields of literature, politics and ethics.

Tamkang Review will launch a special issue on the neighbor in spring 2007. Papers addressing the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • ethnic differences and conflicts
  • Neo-Nazism and xenophobia
  • fundamentalist and terrorist violence
  • urbanization, immigration, and diaspora
  • global consumerism and tourism
  • cultural translation
  • monsters in Gothic fiction or horror films

Please note:
  1. Tamkang Review only publishes papers in English not being simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
  2. Please send your MLA-styled manuscript, an abstract of (no more than 250 words), a list of no more than 10 keywords, and a curriculum vita as Word-attachments to
  3. The manuscript should be anonymous. Your name and affiliation should only appear in the curriculum vita.


bdegenaro said...

What an ambitious project. I like the broad connnections being made here...breaking down distinctions, allowing disciplines to juxtapose. Good stuff.

Jonathan Benda said...

Yeah--I'm thinking about submitting something, but only if it clearly grows out of that other thing I should be writing right now. (Ahem.)