Saturday, April 16, 2005


"良藥苦口," my wife tells me (good medicine tastes bitter). Then she gives me the cup of Chinese medicine that is supposed to help bring down the swelling on my foot. I taste it and gag, instantly getting the the second part of this chengyu. "Hold your breath and swallow it in one gulp," she suggests. I can do the first half of this, but can't bring myself to accomplish the second. Wow! This is awful stuff! Indescribably awful! It must be really good for me!


susansinclair said...

I have some nose spray like that (Western chemicals). Foul taste is listed at the top of "side effects." I would rephrase that as, "Patient may feel temporarily like toxic waste site is inhabiting sinus area."

senioritis said...

So did it work?

Jonathan Benda said...

It's hard to say, Becky. The swelling on my foot went down (at least until I had to sit on an airplane for about 15 hours to go to Belgium), but I'm not sure the medicine actually did anything that time by itself wouldn't have done.

It also didn't help that I gagged on the last dose of medicine and spat it back into the cup. (Yuck!)