Thursday, April 14, 2005

13th R.O.C. English and American Literature Association Conference

While I'm posting Tunghai-related events, here's some information about this conference that will be held at Tunghai in December. The conference theme is "(De)Constructing Identities: Cultural Translation and Literary Empowerment" and the Keynote Speaker is Dr. Shirley Geok-lin Lim of UCSB, who will be speaking on "Asian American Inventive Identities: Rethinking Difference and Hybridity in Chinese American Mixed Race Identities."

From the call for papers:
We welcome paper proposals on topics related to the study and teaching of English literature, particularly in Taiwan. We are particularly interested in the following: the ways in which literary texts dismantle and (re)construct such identity categories as race, nation, class, gender, etc.; the strategies via which Taiwan-situated readings of Anglophone literature recognize and negotiate cultural difference; and the ways in which literary works contribute to an increased sense of agency for and when acting in the world.

Abstracts (in Chinese or English) are due May 10. For more information, click the top link.

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