Monday, October 12, 2009

Speaking of confusion...

I just sent the same (wrong) file to one of the committees I'm on ... three times. Finally got the right version of the file to them on the fourth try. (And why do I seem to be bragging about this?)

In other news, I went to a conference in Kumamoto, Japan (IAICS) a few weeks ago. Here are two pictures I used in my PowerPoint for the presentation (no, I didn't talk to my PowerPoint, and I tried to look at my audience).

The pictures were taken from Tunghai University--The First Ten Years. Tunghai University, Nov. 2, 1964. (Courtesy Tunghai University Special Collections)

These are some Shansi reps working with Tunghai students, probably in the mid 1950s. I bet they didn't send the wrong file to their colleagues over & over again...

Here's a shot of Tunghai, with the central mountains in the background.

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Ceilia said...

Wow, I didn't see many old photos of Tunghai University. Thank you for sharing them.
Try to look at the audience, hehe, this is what I was always taught.