Thursday, January 11, 2007

Four new books in the former native speaker's library

It was almost like a birthday present (except that I paid for them...). This afternoon I got a box from Labyrinth Books, containing the four books that I ordered in November. They are all hardbound books, but only one (the Luce book) has a dust jacket. But three of them were less than US$10 each, and the last book was only $15. Not a bad deal...


Michael Turton said...

Yes, the 2-28 books sucks beyond all limits of suckiness. It's that bad -- never mind the $$, you'll be wanting the 3 hours you spent reading it back.

But why are you reading Renaissance debates on Rhetoric? Surely they are but footnotes to Quintillian and Lucian of Samosata?


Jonathan Benda said...

I don't have Tragic Beginning with me now, but I was struck by the direction the book went in toward the end--discussing "terrorist" acts conducted by Taiwan Independence activists. Interesting to me in terms of how public memories of 228 have been framed. (This is not meant to be a new observation--just commenting on something I noticed, particularly in contrast to the trip to the Taipei 228 Museum.)

As to your second comment: surely you don't mean to allude to Lucian's "Ignorant Book Collector"... ;)