Friday, December 15, 2006

CFP: The Journal of Diplomatic Language

From the H-Rhetor list:

The study of diplomatic language lies at the crossroads of the social sciences--combining aspects of international relations, communication, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, history, law and political science. Its analysis employs methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, that are rapidly evolving. The Journal of Diplomatic Language aims to provide an Internet-based forum for timely publication of academic-quality manuscripts that will foster development of more sophisticated conceptual frameworks and methodological techniques within this inherently interdisciplinary field.

We are currently inviting submissions from prospective authors, for the January 2007 issue, of relatively short conceptual papers that critically analyze some aspect of diplomatic language in a systematic and innovative manner. We are open to contributions spanning the entire range of topics relevant to studies of political language and diplomacy. Research reports or that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries are especially encouraged. As with any refereed academic journal, submitted papers will be evaluated through a process of peer review on the basis of quality, theoretical importance, originality, relevance to a broad cross-disciplinary audience, and clarity of presentation. Papers may present results from completed research, as well as report on current research, with an emphasis on novel approaches, methods, ideas, and perspectives.

Please forward your papers to DrHaroldBashor [at] with a short biographical sketch and abstract/summary.

Dr. Harold W. Bashor, Ph.D.
Sounds interesting...

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