Sunday, July 30, 2006


Tomorrow is Chinese Lovers' Day, so it seems appropriate to resurrect a story that I wrote--with lots of help from the former native Chinese speaker--for a Chinese class that I took during the summer of 1996. My teacher asked us to write some sentences using Chinese idiomatic phrases (成語) that we had learned in the course, but I decided to write a story instead. Any mistakes in grammar or usage are mine!





P.S. The former native Chinese speaker wants everyone to know that she never sold papaya milkshakes at the night market. ;-)


Anonymous said...


Mabel Liao said...

How marvelous your Chinese proficiency is!
It's a great shock to me, honestly speaking. Ha! I have been deceived for ten years since the first class in 1996.
That story is very creative with these idiomatic phrases. (Is there any similarity with your own story?) It just reminded me of the version that I have heard during the comp/oral class.
Is there any sequel after they get married? (Typical ending---Happily ever after.)
Hopefully~To be continued...

Jonathan Benda said...

Tony, 謝謝您!可惜的是,我的中文寫作能力已經退步到一個小學二年級學生的水準. (My wife says I shouldn't insult second-graders.)

Mabel, the short answer to your first question is "No." (A longer answer would be "No no no!" ;-) ) This story is strictly fictional. No relation to any actual persons, living or dead, is intended. (No papayas were harmed in the writing of this story, either.)

As for a sequel... wait until I have time to take some Chinese classes again...