Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two brief comments on Silent Hill, which we just got back from seeing

  1. I pretty much agree with Roger Ebert's review of it. 'Specially the part where he says that "everybody wanders through the town for two hours while the art direction looks great." That's basically the whole story.

  2. There's a scene where the main character's husband (who's looking for her and their child) breaks into a small-town archives, finds the burnt boxes of the Silent Hill police records in plain sight, and discovers in seconds exactly the record that he seems to be looking for. (I say "seems" because I'm not even sure why he wanted to check out the police records in the first place.) As someone who has done research in several archives, I just have 5 words in response to the situation I've just described: Not. In. A. Million. Years.


susansinclair said...

a. I can't *believe* you went to see this movie!
b. Not in a billion trillion gazillion years. No, that piece of paper will remain stuck to the back of another piece of paper, and filed in the wrong place, and shelved on the wrong shelf, so that an undertrained library assistant can stare at me, wide eyes blinking, saying, "It's not there. Did you fill out the request form in septuplicate, using the tiny nubby pencil we gave you?"

Jonathan Benda said...

...and I forgot to mention the records in the burnt box were undamaged... talk about unrealistic...