Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Last night we went to "Tea Work" on Wenxin Road for dinner. Walking into the restaurant, we spotted a cute little baby (maybe a year old) sitting in a high chair at a table across from the cashier. He was playing with his mother's wallet while she and a friend chatted. A few minutes later, as I took our order to the cashier, he held his mother's credit card out to me, as if to say, "沒關係,你拿去用!別客氣!"

我實在太感動了!年輕人,你好大方! (I didn't take his offer, of course...)

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Mabel Liao said...

Maybe he wants something from you!!! Kids often do lots of strange actions even they don't know you at all. Once I was in the train, a little boy came to sit beside me and hit me without any warning. I guess he just wanted to play with me. I am really scared by his abrupt behavior. Kids are unexplainable mystery!!!