Sunday, September 26, 2004

Dr. Pepper binge, anyone?

The Wellcome (the way they spell that store's name always drives me nuts) nearby got in a welcome shipment of Dr. Pepper a couple of weeks ago. I've never been a frequent visitor to the import stores here in Taichung. I guess I'm too busy and they're too far away. So it was nice to see cans of my favorite soft drink available, no matter how temporarily. Judging from what usually happens with imports like macaroni & cheese and Grape-Nuts, I suspect the store won't be getting Dr. Pepper on a regular basis. *Sigh* (I have a plan, though. I'm currently binging on it so much that by the time Wellcome is no longer carrying it I'll already be sick of it, so it won't matter.)

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Jonathan Benda said...


I'm a fellow Dr. Pepper lover, but I neeed diet!

Dr. Pepper entered the market here about ten years back, but it can never get far because the flavor is very close to traditional Chinese medicine everyone here gets a taste of from when they are young. The medicine you get in small packages full of dry powder . . . you know what I mean? It is a classic marketing problem of perception that cannot be changed.
Clyde A. Warden | Email | Homepage | 09.29.04 - 4:59 am | #


I remember there being Diet Dr. Pepper at Mei Chen Hsiang (美珍香 ?) a long time ago (when it was still on Mei Tsun Rd), but I don't know if they still have it. I saw some regular Dr. Pepper at the import store on Chung Ch'ing Road near the old airport.

The good news about Dr. Pepper (from very unscientific anecdotal evidence) is that maybe younger folks will like it more than the older folks. Here's the very unscientific evidence: my sister-in-law seemed to like it (and she hates a lot of American foods such as salads, fajitas, etc.) and her baby son seemed to enjoy it, too. (OK, so I said it was unscientific...)
Jonathan Benda | 09.29.04 - 7:34 pm | #