Monday, August 30, 2004

Hmmm... maybe democracy is dead after all...

News from the folks back home: A couple of weeks ago, Emperor Bush II spoke to some of his subjects at Hedgesville High School in West Virginia. A man named Glenn Hiller was there and called out some "pointed questions" to Bush about Iraq. Hiller was fired the next morning from his job at Octavo Designs in Frederick, MD. I found an article about this situation here. According to the article, Octava got some tickets to the speech from a client and the client was "embarrassed and offended" by Hiller's actions. Hmmm... I'm embarrassed and offended by Bush's actions--does that mean I can fire him?

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Jonathan Benda said...

The worst part about the social/political situation at home right now is not Bush, but that Bush really does reflect what American society is. That gets me so down.
Clyde A. Warden | Email | Homepage | 09.29.04 - 5:10 am | #


I see my link to that story has expired. Here's another link (to the First Amendment Center website):

I hope Bush doesn't really reflect American society. But I haven't been in the States for two years, so I don't know. (And depending on the election results, I might not be there for another four years...)
Jonathan Benda | 09.29.04 - 7:45 pm | #