Monday, July 28, 2014

summer 1985, allentown pa

Here's a poem I wrote about Uncle Erich back in 1985 after I spent a summer in Allentown living with the Salomons and working at Salomon Jewelers:

summer 1985, allentown pa.

uncle erich the watchmaker
comes home from the iga w/ ring bologna 
& $5.22 worth of fruit & cereal & a-
treat to get his 1/2 priced 5lb bag of
granulated sugar
uncle erich the watchmaker
stands up from the table & pronounces
the meal "sehr gut" as he reaches into
the refrigerator for the ring bologna
then returns to his chair and eyes the
the bologna closely
uncle erich the watchmaker
begins cutting a piece of bologna off
the ring, separating the thin slice from
the ring carefully, as if he were
opening the back of a mid-19th century
pocket watch.
uncle erich the watchmaker 
brushes mustard on the slice, surely
thinking he's cleaning the back of that           
railroad watch & we sit tensely for a
moment, hoping he doesn't go up to his
workroom & dry the bologna in sawdust
before popping it into his mouth

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