Monday, November 11, 2013

Update on Academic Writing Month

So it has been about a week since I wrote up my goals for Academic Writing Month. I kept them fairly modest (about 5 hours per week, more if I can manage it, working toward getting a conference paper in shape for submission to a journal). While I did make some progress on the article this past week, I didn't quite make the 5-hour goal. I logged about 4 1/2 hours. I had quite a bit of grading to do this past week, so it cut into the writing time. But I did so some writing while on the train into school, and on Tuesday and Friday mornings I also had some time to write, which I think I used well. I also got some books from the library and ILL and skimmed through them, reading a few chapters that I thought might be relevant.

This week's challenges are the day off today (we're doing some family things), and tomorrow's meeting at 9 a.m. (Which means I'll lose some time for Tuesday morning writing.) I also have a Friday afternoon meeting to prepare for, and a bunch of literature reviews to read by the end of the week. I'll try to make up the lost time, though, from last week.

As I say, I'm making progress, and I'm still interested in my topic (which is always a good thing). I found that one chapter I got through ILL is giving me some useful concepts and terms for my own paper, and that some of the other books that I borrowed from the library may not be that helpful. (Which is OK--I don't want to try to force them into my paper.)

Next update: next week!

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