Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another new book in the former native speaker's library

Today was a pretty miserable day--cold (by Taiwan standards), windy, and rainy. But the former native speaker family still had to venture out to Bookman Books on some "family business". ("Stella!"--well, got the right actor this time, at least.)

But before we get to the new book, I feel it my duty to post several photos that are only vaguely related to the content of this post, a la a certain other Taiwan blogger (his pictures are better than mine, though, I admit [as my aunt would say, he has a better camera {and I've got more parenthetical comments, so there!}]).

I've been trying for weeks to get a decent picture of the mountains east of Taichung from my Tunghai vantage point. The closest I came to accomplishing this was this morning around 9:00 when I took some pictures from the top floor and a stairwell in the new Humanities building.

In this picture, you can see the "Central Park" luxury apartment building that is going up across from Tunghai on Taichung Harbor Rd.

No photo-taking trip to Tunghai is complete without a shot of Luce Chapel:

And for lunch (actually these were taken last month):

And would you like some bland coffee to go with something from the Snake bar?

Hmmm... seems like I'm forgetting something here. Anyway...

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Jonathan Benda said...

The funny thing was that for days, the mountains were incredibly clear from Tunghai. But as soon as I started carrying my camera with me, Taichung got all hazy and the mountains disappeared.