Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tell you a secret...

I'm already drinking a Pepsi. And Rain is still on the can. And the semester hasn't even started yet. (Don't tell anyone.)


Mabel Liao said...

What a great blessing to teach in the college!
When will the new semester start anyway???
I'm already "babysitting the kids" for three weeks, and I have lost my voice and energy since then. The doctor said that I have "talked too much to students" and my throat need to take a break.
Well, only if they can behave themselves!

Jonathan Benda said...

But the kids can always tell when you're tired... and that's when they attack...

Mabel Liao said...

I would like to call them "babies" rather than kids. Actually, there's a girl who have been crying for the whole four weeks!
Tears are her best weapon to bother me and other students!
My class is often interrupted by her howling with no particular reason. She never tells me why she cries and I have no idea what I can do!
That's why I'm so overwhelmed. How can I make her stop crying? That's the dilemma for me to survive this semester!
"First graders are really unreasonable creatures!"