Thursday, August 18, 2005

Composing interview questions

I'm writing interview questions (actually a list of questions to send to a potential interviewee). Lately, my questions have been along the lines of, "Fifty years ago, you said ..... What did you mean by that? How did people respond to it?" etc.

Sometimes I feel like one of Chris Farley's characters on Saturday Night Live--the one who would interview movie stars like Bruce Willis and say, "You know that time when you were in Die Hard and you tied the firehose around your waist and jumped off the building?"


"That was cool."


susansinclair said...

To Foucault: "Remember when you wrote that part about the body having permeable boundaries and all that?...That was cool."

Oh, and on the subject of interviews, a colleague of ours (who shall remain nameless) once referred in a paper to a "posthumous interview." Work on one of those, wouldja?

Jonathan Benda said...

"Posthumous interview"... would that involve holding a seance?