Monday, March 27, 2006

They have contests about these kinds of things?!

From a Times of India report:
MANGALORE: The Marathon Lecturer stopped at 11.30 am on Sunday, clocking 98 hours and beating the earlier world record of 88 hours for non-stop teaching.

Towards the end, the strain on Annaiah Ramesh had begun to show, and he had to be stopped by his mother and the guide. Ramesh, lecturer from the department of applied botany, Mangalore University, was in the quest of Guinness Book of Records, and began his lecture on Wednesday morning.

He wanted to clock in 101 hours, but spotting his incoherent speech, his mother Kamalamma and guide Y Srinivasa Reddy from the department of sericulture, Mysore University, and others convinced him to stop as he had already gone past the record.
According to the article, "Ramesh is fine, but disoriented due to lack of sleep." But what about his students??



academic coach said...

they do seem to have Guiness records for everything, don't they. I thought one of the interesting parts of the article (besides the sedation at the hospital and monitoring by a psychiatrist) was all the info about other long-winded lecturers.

Jonathan Benda said...

I wondered if any of the students interrupted him at the 49-hour point and said, "Is this gonna be on the test?"

Ahistoricality said...

That's over two full semesters of material, by US standards. What'd he do for the second day of class?

Jonathan Benda said...

I guess it would be time for a 98-hour-long quiz...