Monday, May 21, 2007

A reminder to myself not to count on e-mail for communicating with students

This showed up in my inbox yesterday:
主旨: FENM Reminder
傳送時間: 06/09/06 06:55:05 PM

在 05/20/07 10:59:11 PM 被讀取。
It basically means that the e-mail I sent out to a student last June was just read by that student yesterday. Hmmm...


Michael Turton said...

More on A Pail of Oysters disappearing

in the US

Jonathan Benda said...

Thanks, Michael--actually, I have seen that article before. I wrote to Keelung Hung, asking if he had more information, but haven't heard from him yet. I *do* know, however, that according to WorldCat, there are only 228 copies of Oysters in U.S. libraries. (An ironic figure.)

BTW, you missed a great play last Friday! Wish we had a bigger theater, though...