Monday, November 13, 2006

Number 7, Lane 237, Min-ch'uan Road

Ever since I bought Ellen Johnston Laing's Photographs of Taiwan During the 1960's, I've been interested in finding the area of Taichung where she lived when she was studying at Tunghai. She mentions having lived in "a pleasant Japanese-style house at number 7, Lane 237, Min-ch'uan Road" (28). This was as close as I could find to that address--I couldn't find a Lane 237 on the map. (Thanks to Kerim for the heads up about UrMap!) I can find a Lane 233 near the intersection of Minquan and Zhonggang Roads, but the next Minquan Road Lane xxx is Lane 359, near the Science Museum. So I guess Lane 237 got renamed or built over at some point. [Update, 11/17/06: I Googled 民權路237巷 and got some results for some companies on that lane, so I guess it still exists! Just doesn't show up on the map. Maybe it's too small. Off to check tomorrow... will bring my trusty camera.]

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