Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dr Pepper update, and a theory about macaroni and shui jiao

Since, judging from comments, my most popular posts are about either donuts or Dr Pepper, I present this update for your examination.

This morning we took Tim Maddog's advice and headed down (over?) to Mei Chen Siang to get ourselves some Dr Pepper (a.k.a. "nectar of the gods").

Mei Chen Siang is a bakery/import store located in one of the older sections of downtown Taichung. You can see some interesting old architecture in that area. Next time I go down there I'm going to go spelunking down some of those old alleys. And I'll bring a camera with me, of course. (The former native Chinese speaker says I must have lived in Taichung in a past life. Maybe I'm looking for "my" old home?)

Anyway, we got the Dr Pepper. I bought only one six-pack as a way to force myself to enjoy each can (and also so I have an excuse to go back again...). Also bought some other goodies like Pop-Tarts and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Every time I see a box of macaroni and cheese I remember something said by a friend from my days at Feng Chia University. I won't mention her name, but her first name starts with an "H". (hee hee) We used to eat shui jiao (水餃) a lot back then at a place near the university. Then one day after she had eaten some macaroni and cheese that she'd bought at Mei Chen Siang, H made an observation to the effect that although shui jiao and macaroni are both delicious, after you eat shui jiao you tend to want to brush your teeth right away. (Anyone who's ever been stuck in a car with me when I've burped after eating shui jiao will agree with that. [ewwwww...].) But, H continued, after you eat macaroni and cheese you don't want to brush your teeth right away because you want to experience that flavor longer.

I don't know if H still holds to that opinion, but I've found that it pretty accurately matches my experience. But I want to test it again soon.

(If I don't post again, it's probably because H has killed me...)

[Update: I am still alive. Just wanted to mention the joy I just had eating some canned ravioli. And don't try to scare me by telling me what's in that stuff. Remember Homer Simpson's reaction to Marge's comment that the dog's food was "mostly snouts and entrails": "Mmmmmm... snouts..."]


susansinclair said...

I do love me some mac & cheese. When I was in grade school, and my mom was in college, if she had an evening class my dad would be in charge of dinner, and we usually had chicken pot pies (okay, but usually way too hot and you have to eat around the peas) or frozen Morton's mac & cheese baked with sliced John Morrell German Weiners on top.

Now, my favorite is Annie's Mac & Cheese...gotta get me some at the store...

Jonathan Benda said...

Enjoy! And remember... don't brush your teeth too quickly after you finish it!

heather s. said...

Speaking of food, I need your opinion on something.

Which is tastier: UFO yakisoba noodle bowl (Nissin Brand) or Myojo's Japanese Yakisoba Bowl?

I remember you telling me some story about hoarding dried ramen in your office (and experiencing a mouse invasion as a result -- or was that your officemate? The details escape me).

Anywho, I figured that living where you live, you probably have some opinion or knowledge of these products OR know someone who does.

Spill the beans, please. (Of course, I welcome opinions from folks other than Jon, too).

Jonathan Benda said...

Well, I've gotta respond to this, if for no other reason than to explain the ramen noodle/mouse invasion story. I don't eat instant noodles, so I wasn't the one keeping them in my office and encouraging the mice to come in. So it must have been someone else (*cough* *cough*). (Important note to my students: this happened a long time before I had the 211-B office that you know about. And a different officemate. Just want to clear that up.)

I'm not really sure about the noodles you're mentioning. From what I know, though, Taiwanese noodles taste better than the Japanese ones... Anyone else have an idea?

heather s. said...

I thought that the mice may have been the consequence of someone else's habits -- I find it hard to imagine you connected to something so . . . unseemly ;)