Saturday, June 25, 2005

Link to the former native speaker's abode

I found our apartment complex (or "community," as they often call it here) using Google's satellite images: here it is, in case you're interested. We're in the building in the middle of the picture. Tunghai University is here, with the FLLD building in the middle (the big building to the far left that looks like a rectangular donut is the university library).

By the way, I heard on the news that Taiwan's government is worried about the easy availability of satellite images of the island. They're worried that our enemies will be able to get free images of Taiwan's military bases through Google Maps.

[Update, 10:06 p.m.: Also took a trip to China--I think this is the Forbidden City, right?]


Anonymous said...

Interesting--and a bit spooky. Any idea how current these satellite images are? I looked at some of the Kent State campus and see buildings present that were torn down months ago. --ERG

Jonathan Benda said...

Yes, they are a little old. In the pic of my apartment complex is a kindergarten that was torn down late last year, and there's also a field that is now a housing complex. So... maybe the Taiwanese gov't doesn't have to worry quite so much...