Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Fourth acupuncture treatment

Today we went to a different place to get my ankle worked on. Originally we had been going to the China Medical University's hospital, but my recovery seemed kind of slow. So we went to a Chinese medicine clinic (a clinic of Chinese medicine? a Chinese medical clinic? er...) recommended by our neighbor. The doctor there agreed that the recovery was going a little too slowly. He said I should probably come to the clinic every day or every other day (which will be easier because the clinic is closer to home than the hospital).

Then he took me into the back and stuck two needles in the top of my head (to help my foot regain some of its flexibility--don't ask me how) and four in my ankle. That's about 3 times as many needles as they used at the CMU hospital. I told my wife I felt like a bulletin board. After a while the nurse took out the needles (almost forgot to take the needles out of my head!) and packed my ankle in some Chinese medicine. I'll go back tomorrow for another treatment.

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